Frequently Asked Questions


Only the LyonIX technical team.
Go to the "My Profile" page (accessible via the menu on the left).
Send an email to with the subject "unsubscribe".


You can request many telecom services. Here is the list (April 2014).
  • Link level 2 to another DC France
  • Level 2 links to another international DC
  • Bay accommodation with level 1 or 2 connection to LyonIX
  • 100 Mb internet transit
  • 10 Mbps internet transit
  • 1 Gbs internet transit
  • 10 Gbs internet transit
  • Interlink POP LyonIX (L1 L2 L3)
  • XDSL and fiber collection
  • Level 2 Liasons to Customer Site
  • SIP
This list will evolve according to the requests.
When you make a request, the offerers only see the services requested. They do not see your contact information.
Aucun opérateur inscrit sur la place de marché ne peut répondre à votre requête.
In order to see the current requests concerning the services you offer on LyonIX, it is necessary to create an offer account with another email address or another alias.


No, you will only receive requests that match your the list of the services you offer.
Yes, many people can act on behalf of the same provider.
You can not apply as an offeror. To do this, it is necessary to create a requesting account with another email address or alias.