Why Place De Marché LyonIX (PDM LyonIX) ?

The membres present on LyonIX can:

  • peer (the base of an IXP),
  • buy (Telecom services)
  • sell (Telecom services).

Sales on LyonIX can be done:

  • via a VLAN provided by LyonIX.
  • via a Wave (1 or 10 Gbs) provided by LyonIX.
  • via  an inter-fibre baie by LyonIX.
  • via a direct connection (back to back) if both participants are in the same baie.

Limitations apply to the delivery of these services in inter-POPs.
LyonIX does not wish to compete with its members (transport operators).

The principle

Place de Marché LyonIX is a secure web based platform that operates on the basis of a search engine:

- Connected requesting members can request information concerning Telecom & Internet services available on LyonIX.

- This request is automatically sent to LyonIX members who can respond to the request

- Providers will be able to inform the requesting structures about their offers and make an appropriate commercial proposal on request within 5 days

The PDM LyonIX is an intuitive tool with a FAQ page and a lexicon to clarify technical points and provide users with the vocabulary necessary to better formulate a request.


The PDM LyonIX : why a marketplace on LyonIX ?

The PDM Lyonix is a dedicated service for LyonIX members (and future members). It allows to share all the offers that are present on LyonIX.
Malgré les informations déjà disponibles et les nombreuses occasions qu'ont les membres de se rencontrer physiquement lors des évènements organisés par Rezopole, nous avons pu observer que beaucoup de membres présents sur LyonIX ne connaissent pas les offres disponibles.

More than an information tool, the PDM LyonIX is a tool that allows members (and future members) to know the offers (technical and price) perfectly: thanks to the different commercial proposals that the requesting members get, they have the opportunity to make an informed choice, while being certain to have the Telecom and Network means necessary for the proper functioning of their activity.

All this with:
  • an attractive price level
  • a prompt response to a request (<5 d)
  • the certainty that the service can be delivered very quickly because the applicant and the offerer are already virtually interconnected via LyonIX